Welcome. Let's make some portraits.

I've always been drawn to the great outdoors and people. If I'm not working, I'm focusing my time on connecting in nature & with nature. I'm fascinated by history and the story of what's shaped a person - or a stone. After I picked up a camera in middle school, I never put it back down. (Waiting to pick up my developed film rolls was the most exciting day for me! Remember that?!) It started with simply wanting to capture the moment or feeling I had when I saw a new place. And over time, these became stories that I could share with the world. Your story matters and I'm here to help you tell it. Whether it's a love story, a new adventure or just celebrating being alive - I'm ready to go with my list of favorite spots in mind. Creating portraiture in the natural world is my passion. Seeing someone step into their power - their beauty and divinity- is the best part of making portraits. To be seen, that's really something special.

“Katie is so talented and has a way of capturing the love we have for each other in each photo.”